Wai Food Industry was established in 1985. In the beginning the company specialized in producing bean curd from soya bean using a unique traditional method. Due to the ever-increasing demands from our customers, Wai Food Industry has decided to keep up with the technology of today, and has managed to imbue it with the original traditional method to produce bean curd of a higher quality standard and at a faster rate. The company has improvised and has proceeded to a higher stage where other health food products have been created from all types of beans.
List of Equipment :

Kolbus Automatic Casemaker
Die Cut Machine
Itoh Guillotine (Paper Cutter)
Gluing Machine
Zechini Hydraulic Book Press
Box Edge Pasting Machine
Zechini Book Nipping Press
Book Press
HM 650 Automatic Gluing Machine
Box Forming Machine
Zechini Book Case In Machine
Hot Stamping Machine